February 2017

We have finally received our seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds and some from the Hudson Valley Seed Company. We’ve started our early onion seeds including several different varieties (NY Early, Walla Walla, Cabernet, Ailsa Craig) and more in our germination chamber to give them a good start before we move them to the greenhouse. We have also started our Leeks which too are a long season crop and need an early start. Flat leaf parsley too!  Getting excited for the upcoming season. Millions of things to do once the weather starts to cooperate. You can’t work the soil when it is too muddy. It will kill all the beneficial bacteria. As you may or may not know we are a low till/no till farm which helps to keep the soil rich and a wonderful medium to grown our vegetables, herbs and flowers in. We do everything by hand and use no fossil fuel polluting devices of any kind. It is a lot more work believe me, but worth it in the long run. This month is the month we start recruiting new CSA members. Don’t know about CSA? More to come in the next blog!

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